Are you a service professional who needs more clients?

I understand your situation and I can help. I build websites that are low cost, high quality and excellent value.

I help service businesses get websites…

Caring Professions

Caring Professions

From home helps to care homes, if you offer services, my websites are a good fit.

Business and consulting

Business & Consulting

I build websites for all kinds of business and consulting services.


Manufacturing & Services

Manufacturing, engineering, and garage services could all benefit from one of my websites.

I Help All Kinds of Independent Professionals & Small Service Businesses

If you’re a work from home service professional or a small agency I can help. The one thing my clients have in common is that they sell their services.

If that’s you, why not get in touch?

I help all kinds of independent professionals and service businesses.

Hi, I’m Philip

I’ve used WordPress every working day for the last ten years. I love to learn, improve upon my skills and teach others what I know. I want all service business owners to have an effective website that wins new clients.

I’ve made over one hundred tutorials about WordPress, the Genesis Framework, web page design, and content creation. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have read or watched my web design and content creation videos and tutorials.

Although I love to teach, many small business owners want me to build their site for them. So now I focus on building websites for smaller service businesses.

I have a professional, business-like approach to my work but I don’t take myself too seriously.

I can help in these ways…

  • I can build your website.
  • Advise you as you work with a bigger agency.
  • Or you can retain my services as an outsourced employee for half a day per week/month etc.

Services I Offer

One Off Web Design Service

If you just want to get found online, a simple website could help. It would display your name, address, phone number and a brief description of your services. My one-off web design service could be the right solution for you.

Your Trusted Advisor

Getting a website is a scary process. As an outsider, you’re bound to worry that you won’t understand the jargon. And the massive number of options can overwhelm you. I can be your trusted advisor as you work with an agency.

Retained Web Designer

I can work for you as if I was an employee, half a day each week for instance. Each week I’ll dedicate a specific amount of time to updating and improving your website. This is the ideal choice for medium-sized businesses.

At first, keep it simple and base your marketing on tried and tested techniques. Then when you need to, move on to more complex systems.

Can a small business really afford their own website?

More Clients Photo Provided By RawPixel Via Unsplash

Yes. But there are obvious limitations. If you stick to the Keep it Simple rule, it’s surprising what a good looking site you can have. But if you try to get too fancy before you understand the basics, you could end up in trouble.

A few simple rules to help you get started…

Your job is to focus on the content. If you provide your basic business information, ClientWinner can build you a good looking site at a great price. Read More →

Think your marketing budget will be too small to make a difference? Try falling asleep with a wasp in the room!

Winning clients doesn’t happen by magic, but with a good solid plan you’ll be on the right track

Filling your diary with well paying work, from the right sort of clients, is not easy. You want your prospects to see you as the best choice for them. And you can do that with a simple well tested system. Many of your competitors are just guessing at what to do. Some have no marketing plan at all.