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Do you think my web designing or client winning skills could be of use to you?

I help businesses worldwide, not just in Yorkshire, so get in touch! Complete the form below and I’ll figure out how I can best help you.

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Who Do I help?

I help people who sell their skills, labor, knowledge or services.

I do NOT build eCommerce sites that sell goods that can be sent through the post. If you sell handbags and shoes, for instance, I can’t help, sorry.

If you consider yourself to be a service professional or a tradesman I can help you. If you sell a service such as dog walking or cleaning I can help you too.

Some examples of the people I can help…
Coaches, trainers, consultants, advisers, creatives, caring and cleaning businesses. The list goes on. But I hope this gives you a good idea of whether I can help you or not.

If in doubt, just ask.