Examples Of Page Layouts You Could Have

Page Layout Examples

You can buy ready made website layouts or you can have something custom made. Your site takes longer to build and costs more if you use a custom layout. But you get much more control over what your site looks like.

Starter websites

For my starter package I use Twentig plugin and the default WordPress theme. Twentig designs look like this.

Kingston template by Twentig.

If you want more control and have a bigger budget there are many more options.

These are off the peg themes. I’ve made two sets of custom layouts for you to look at. Custom layout set one. Custom layout set two.

Pages Built using Beaver Builder

Pages Built using Beaver Builder

Want real control over how your site looks?

If you want me to layout your images, text and testimonials etc in just the way you like, this is the option for you.

There’s a whole list of elements I can add to your home page if you choose this option. Such as Image galleries and pricing tables, buttons and testimonial sliders. I can also add a signup form for your MailChimp newsletter (if you have one) and so much more.

If you want more control over the page layouts of your site, I recommend this option, it’s a great investment.

View These Demo Pages

Solid secure off-the-peg designs

Do you want a simple low maintenance site that’s good looking and designed with security in mind? If you do, a StudioPress theme is a great choice.

StudioPress is one of the most, if not the most highly regarded WordPress theme shops.

Their themes run on the Genesis Framework. Genesis is a very solid and stable foundation to build your site on.

The setup price depends on which theme you choose. Because some StudioPress themes are very easy to set up. And some are much more complicated and take much longer.

View These Demo Pages

Websites built using StudioPress themes

Sites built using GeneratePress theme

Sites built using GeneratePress theme

Mid-level customization

For this option I use a theme that is fast loading. It also has loads of custom layout and design settings built in.

Have a look at some of the demo pages and see for yourself. With this option I can add hero header sections to your pages. And I can also customise the typography and sidebars etc.

So you get a custom website at a very reasonable price.

The theme I use is well coded and lightweight so your site loads fast in the web browser.

View These Demo Pages

Page sections you might find useful

I made this page to remind you of some typical layout options.  It’s always useful to refresh your memory when deciding what page layouts you might need.

You could mix and match the layout options to build a page that displays your information in a way that suits you.

These are by no means the only options available, I’ve just included a few common choices that you might like.

View These Layout Options

Wire frame layouts

Wire frame layouts

Blog and archive pages

Blog and archive pages

Blog and Archive Pages

If you intend to write a lot of blog posts or articles, you’ll want more layout options for your…

  1. Blog page
  2. Category pages
  3. Archive pages

If your your site will be based around your blog, let me know. I’ll choose an option that lays out your posts in an attractive way with loads of options.

View The Blog Page Options

Would you like to find out more?

If you think my services are a good match for your needs, get in touch, and let me know what you need. Then, I’ll get in touch with you so I can find out a bit more about your business or your plans. Then we can figure out between us if it makes sense for us to work together.