If you need a website. Or if you already have a website and you’d like it to bring in more clients, I might be able to help.

Until I know for certain just what you want, it’s difficult to give you a definite price. But you need at least a ballpark idea of what I would charge for the type of work you need doing. There are two things you need to pay for. The time I spend building the site and fees for the third party services you will also need.

Third-party fees include at a minimum your domain name and web hosting, this starts at £60 per year. You might also choose to invest in complicated enquiry and feedback forms. I build a simple enquiry form into your site. But some forms can become very complex and need third party software.

What kind of budget would you need to work with me?

  • Four-page website = £200
  • Ten page website = £500
  • Retained web designer £80 per half day per week. Or £25 for one hour per week.

Web Design From £200

If you need a website built or need your current site updating, I can help.

From a simple three or four page site to a larger and more complicated site. If you sell your services, I specialize in building the type of site you need.

How much does it cost? That depends on the amount of work that’s involved. But you can have a good looking 10-page site with a blog for £500. Or you could choose a simple four-page site for just £200. Both options need web hosting and a domain name, which costs between £60 and £150 per year extra. Depending on which hosting plan you choose.

For the cheaper site, I recommend the cheaper hosting at £60. And for the more expensive site I recommend the more expensive hosting £150.

I’ve built these prices into the prices I’ve quoted above. So a four-page site costs £140 for my work and £60 per year for your domain name and web hosting. The ten-page site costs £350 for my work and £150 per year for the domain name and hosting.

Your Trusted Advisor.

Getting your first website can be a confusing and even scary process.

There are hundreds of options available. These all take time to discover, investigate and choose from. I specialize in helping service businesses to build websites that promote their services. I’ve spent many thousands of hours figuring out what the best options are. And how to put those options into action on service providers websites.

I’m well placed to advise you as you build your site and your marketing system.

Retained Web Designer

I can work for you as if I was an employee, half a day each week for instance. Each week I’ll dedicate a specific amount of time to your website. I will add basic maintenance and security updates. I will also focus on improving your website’s SEO, usability and conversion rate.

The ideal choice for medium-sized businesses. To train a member of your own staff to my skill level just wouldn’t make sense. And paying a retainer to an agency would cost much more per hour worked than the fees I charge.

As a retained web designer I could improve add value to your website week after week.