Services offered by Client Winner Web Design

I build, maintain and optimize websites to win more clients for service businesses. I can help you in these different ways…

One-off web designs

You provide the words and images, I build you a fixed price website with clear boundaries. This is an off the peg solution with a one-off payment for my time designing and setting up the site.

The price doesn’t include the domain name, hosting and maintenance or updates.

This is great for a simple online presence that provides your name, address, and phone number. You also add a brief description of your services. This is a sensible and cost-effective solution for a small business or freelancer.

It would be your responsibility to keep the site updated and secure. But this is usually a simple process.

A typical four-page website costs £200. A typical ten-page website costs £500.

Best for: people who need a clean, professional website to sell their services.

Your trusted advisor

Getting a website is a scary process. There are so many options you can soon become overwhelmed. I want to reduce the overwhelm and make the whole process as easy as I can for you.

I offer two types of paid advice.

Option One
I provide a simple session showing you the basics of modern web design. I have tailored this advice for service professionals.

Option Two
If you want to work with a larger agency but would like some help figuring out what you do and don’t need from them, I can help.

For instance, you might not know if you can get a particular feature off the shelf or need to have it coded by hand. Or you might need an end to end marketing plan but want to know what’s available from third party suppliers.

Most of the features and functions you’ll need are already available. Few things need hand coding in the modern world.

How can this type of advice help?

Modern websites are like Lego sets. You decide what elements you need and then find a supplier with a ready-made solution.

This modular approach is much cheaper than coding everything by hand. But you need to know what’s available off the shelf. Otherwise, the prices can get silly.

I can guide you through the process, helping you keep the cost down.

I charge £80 per half day of work. Or £25 for one hour of work.

Best for: people who expect to pay an agency between three and ten thousand pounds. But would also like some impartial advice.

Outsourced Employee

As an outsourced employee I can work for you as if I was a member of your staff, half a day each week for instance. Each week I dedicate half of a day to updating, maintaining and improving your website. I install security updates, add new content if you have any available. I’ll also improve the effectiveness of your site. I work as if I was an employee in charge of your business website.

I charge £80 per half day of work. Or £25 for one hour of work.

Best for: people who would like to hone and refine their website. Or people who want some help in gathering the right type of content for a client winning website.