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To get more clients you must understand why prospects buy.

The Red Velvet Rope

By choosing to only work with clients you’re happy to work with, you’ll have much more enthusiasm for your work, be much more enthusiastic about promoting your business and find it easier to get more clients.

It’s not realistic to think you’ll love every client, but you should insist that your clients give you the respect you deserve. Respect is a mutual thing. You don’t want to get more clients if those clients make your life miserable, do you?

Who will buy your services?

To get more clients you’ll need to find your niche inside your target market and discover what THEY want to buy. Then accurately describe the service you’ve built around the need THEY have.

To do this you’ll need a clear description of your ideal client.

Your ideal client is someone you’ll enjoy working with, who has a pressing need you can solve and is happy to pay the price you charge. Oh! And don’t forget, to get more clients you’ll need a way to find and communicate with your ideal client in a timely and cost effective way.

If your client has a pressing need that you can solve, you’ll find winning more clients much easier.

Ideally the service you offer should solve a big problem your ideal client has and also be something they want on a personal, emotional or vanity level.

Many businesses fail because nobody wanted the service in the first place. Which makes that service almost impossible to sell.

Stand out, be unique, be yourself.

Look for ways that you can promote yourself in what your ideal clients thinks of you as unique.

Is there anything about you that your client really wants but they couldn’t find anywhere else?

If you do have any truly unique skills or qualities that your ideal client really wants, you’ll find it much easier to win more clients.

Now that you can provide many services on-line and your ideal client could use a service provider based anywhere on earth, it’s getting very difficult to position yourself as unique.

But if you can find something that is desperately wanted or needed by your ideal client and is truly unique to you. Promote the heck out of that uniqueness because there’s a good chance it’ll help you get more clients.

Realistically, the fact that you’re local, likeable and they can meet with and talk with you in person. Or the fact that your ideal client has been on your mailing list for a few weeks and is starting to feel like they know you, like what you say in your weekly newsletter and now trusts your ability to solve their problem, might be the thing that makes you unique in their eyes.

Think carefully before writing any blog post or having any conversations or discussions in person, on social media or giving any talks in meetings etc.

Always aim to position yourself as an authority in your field and to come across as likeable, trustworthy and competent.

Nobody knows everything and you’ll soon come unstuck if you pretend you do, but if you make prospective clients feel comfortable about trusting their project to you, you’ll have a much better chance of winning more clients.

Your marketing and your website need a very clear intention

Get clear in your mind what you want to do via your website. Not just “I want to get the word out” but, for instance “I want to get good prospects on my mailing list so I can start to build a relationship of trust with them”.

Before you build your website and even before you start marketing your business you need to have a clear intention or a MWR most wanted response.

What do you want your site visitor to do when they land on your website?

  • Join your mailing list
  • Call you immediately to ask for a quote
  • Download a special report

Depending on how pressing their need is they’re unlikely to pick up the phone and ask you to do the job right away.

There are times they will want to contact you immediately, if their roof is leaking and there’s a storm forecast for instance. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

For many service providers, the #1 MWR is to get this site visitor on their mailing list, get them to download a special report or initiate an autoresponder series that will fix your business firmly in their head and high on their list of options.

For tradesmen this step may be unnecessary. (Remember the leaky roof scenario)

What is a negative intention?

A negative intention is something that can get in the way of you enthusiastically striving for your intended goal or winning more clients.

To fully understand this you have to dip your toe into psychology, but don’t worry, it’s easy to understand once you think about it.

An example of a very clear intention…

Today I will send a short follow up email to the people I met at last night’s networking event.

A negative intention you could feel…

If I do that they might think I’m pushy, annoying or desperate for more clients. Oh, I’m not sure now, should I email them or not?

One possible solution…

Before you go to any networking events, list the type of people you will want to follow up with after the networking event. Just list the broad range of people from business types you want to get on your client list.

Prepare a simple evergreen fact sheet or short white paper for each type of business or industry expert you’re likely to meet when networking.

As you speak with each person at the networking event, think hard about the problems they face in their industry.

Then as you listen and learn about their needs and challenges of each prospective client, casually mention that you have a short fact sheet they would find useful. Ask if they would mind if you emailed it to them.

In the same email, you could let them know about your mailing list and encourage them to join.

BUT! Never sign people up for your mailing list without their expressed permission. Or you could be breaking the law.

Talking about yourself and your services in a way your ideal client can easily understand will help you win more clients

  • Which specific people do you help?
  • What is the pressing need that you can solve for them?
  • What is the #1 biggest benefit your clients get from working with you? (From their perspective.)
  • Why did you choose to offer this service instead of all of the other options available to you and what makes you passionate about solving this problem for these people (your ideal clients)?
  • Do you have any higher goals than a straight trade of money for your services?

Create a tagline for your website/business.
Could you incorporate your higher goal into your tagline? For instance: “Helping you build a profitable business and a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family”.

A simple example…

Hello Philip, what do you do?
I help service professionals win more of the right clients, the clients they really want.
How do you do that?
Well, why not tell me about your business and the types of clients you’d like to get onboard…

You’ve now started a conversation that is interesting to your prospective client and they’re more likely to be interested in discussing their pressing needs, telling you about their goals and considering any solutions you might be able to provide. Thus helping you win more clients.

If when they said what do you do, you had just said “marketing”, the conversation about what you do would have probably have stopped right there.

Start your relationship with a set of lower risk offers

If you sell expensive services, your prospective clients will be understandably cautious of dealing with you.

They don’t want to commit themselves to a long-term and expensive relationship with someone who they don’t know, are not sure if they will like and haven’t yet built a relationship of trust with.

So how can you ever start a relationship with them?

It’s a bit like dating…

  • Start with a low-risk option.
  • If that goes well and you both want to get to know each other better, you might do something with a bit more commitment.
  • By now you might both be thinking that working together would be a good idea and want to try something with a bit more commitment, but you’re both still cautious of the risks involved with moving in together. So you do something that involves spending more time together and getting to know each other better.
  • You’re finally at a point where you feel confident that you know what this person or business is like.

Both the prospective client and you the business owner are now in a much better position to decide if you’d like to commit to a longer term, more in-depth relationship.

A practical example…

  1. A prospective client lands on your website and sees your “bribe to subscribe”, they want this bribe or freebie and so they join your newsletter or sign up for your autoresponder series.
  2. Your bribe to subscribe and newsletter make them realize you understand the problems faced by people like them in their particular situation. They start to think you have the ability to solve their problem and wonder what it would be like to work with you.
  3. You offer a one day workshop that is much more affordable than your main service. They know they’ll get good value from this and it’s on the topic of their main problem so they sign up.
  4. You spend the day working with half a dozen prospective clients. By paying for this workshop they’ve proved that they will actually pay for the type of services you offer. You and your prospective clients now get to meet in person, decide if you are both credible, and hopefully start to know, like and trust each other.

You now have a better idea of whether you’d like to work with these clients. And they have a better idea of whether they would like to work with you.

Keeping in touch via your e-zine/newsletter is a great way to get more clients

There’s a reason why everyone wants to build their mailing list. Your weekly newsletter enables you to keep in touch with prospective clients that have already searched Google, found your site and been interested enough in your offer to sign up for your newsletter.

The people who have opted into your mailing list are good hot prospects and if you treat them right there’s a good chance they’ll stick around, read your newsletter each week and when they’re ready to buy, you’ll be high on their list of options.

What can you put in your newsletter that will help win more clients?

Most of the content in your newsletter should be free information that your target market finds useful. But also make about one-fifth of the information in your ezine about your services.

If you get the content right, you’ll position yourself as a likable expert in your field and keep your business at the front of your prospective client’s mind.

Your ezine or newsletter is a great way to remind your prospects about your service every week without appearing to be pushy. It’s also one of the most cost-effective marketing methods there is.

Ways you can get the word out about your business, the service you offer, the people you help and the biggest result they can expect from you

  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Workshops
  • Writing articles on LinkedIn etc
  • Publishing articles on your own blog or as a guest expert on other peoples blogs
  • Asking current clients to refer hot prospects (with a friends discount?)
  • All kinds of direct outreach and advertising

All of these are great ways to get more clients.

9.) Some important points about what we’re really doing here…
a.) First, you must find a pressing need that you can fix and is experienced by enough people who are willing to pay you for your solution, and you can easily find and get in touch with them.
b.) Find ways to slowly build a relationship of trust with these people.

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